The only Hydrogen Water Machine in Malaysia which is 100% Imported from Japan

Unlimited Hydrogen Water for you and your family from RM 13 / day



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Leading Molecular Hydrogen (H2) Standards 

Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator is the 1st and only Hydrogen Water Machine in Malaysia accredited by Japanese Molecular Hydrogen Promotion Association (JHyPA), an entity authorised by International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) to issue certifications under IHSA standards and criteria.

Advanced Patent


Patented technology that provides safe and highly concentrated hydrogen for a long period of time while retaining the water quality. The Hydrogen concentration does not decrease with continuous use.


Nano Level Dissolved Technology


Nano-Level Dissolved Technology with high dissolved Hydrogen content of 1.30 mg/litre. According to IHSA standards, hydrogen water must maintain a minimum concentration of 0.5 mg/litre.


Made In Japan


Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator is 100% fully manufactured in Japan. Ensuring you the best product quality and durability​.





Automated self-cleaning to ensure no heavy metal in your water. Added filter in the machine ensuring no impurities in the water.



Instant Hydrogen Water Generation with no waiting time.

On The Go

hibliss hydrogen water machine

Our patented Hydrogen Bag is designed with your convenience in mind.  It can retain the hydrogen content for up to 7 days so that you can bring your hydrogen water out with you and drink whenever and wherever you wish.

Worry Free

hibliss hydrogen water machine

The machine is built to last.  You only have to change the filter.  The smart built-in function will remind you when to change filter so you don't have to stress yourself worrying about maintenance.


hibliss hydrogen water machine

Designed to be versatile for any space. You can place it anywhere you desire. No installation required. Just plug and play.


hibliss hydrogen water machine

Responsive smart sensor panel and auto power off to save you energy.


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High quality PEM membrane + Platinum coated titanium

Ensure purity of hydrogen generated with no risk of contamination of hypochlorite ions and other impurities, producing the safest and highest quality hydrogen water.

Unique design of the electrolyser plates combined with controlled pressurisation of the electrolytic membrane 
(Patent No. 6371489)

Removes trihalomethane (from chlorine based water)
Prevents adhesion of calcium scales inside electrolyser
These enhance the water quality and safety for human consumption

Unique structural design between electrodes and electrolytic membrane

Ensures generation of hydrogen gas at 28,000 mg/litre with a high concentration of dissolved hydrogen gas of 1.3 mg/litre in water.



Mdm Then’s Mother

After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water for about 2 months, her hair and eyebrows grew visibly.


Mr Eng

After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water for about 3 months and applying hydrogen water to the scalp at the same time, his hair has grown significantly. Now, it has been a year and his hair has grown even more.

Dr. Paramsothy Vijayan

My wife was the one who introduced me to H2 water. At first I was very skeptical. My wife daily drank H2 water in packet from a well known Japanese brand. Of course I wondered why she trusted the product so much.

In the meantime, I did some research and one day we happen to be at Hi Bliss and thought I will try it. We both signed up for a package and I went for 2 sessions for OA knee problem.

I was very surprised how quickly H2 gas could reduce inflammation in my knee. After one treatment I notice the pain I used to feel when I walked for a long time was gone.

I decided to purchase the H2 water generator and have been drinking one litre a day. Although I have only started drinking now for 10 days I noticed the following changes.

1. I have more energy. I no longer need my afternoon nap at office.

2. I just did a whole day seminar today and was standing most of the time. I was not tired and there was no pain in my leg.

My advise is. Read and learn as much as you can about H2 therapy. There are many scientific research on this subject. Try it and check it out.

As a researcher, I found out that our body also generate H2 gas but because of the environment and life style etc, our body is not efficient in producing H2 gas now So when we drink H2 water, the H2 molecule which is the smallest molecule in the periodic table, is able to penetrate all parts of our organs and even inside the cells. Hence why H2 water is so effective.

You also need to exercise, eat proper food and do the things that don't cause damage to your body.

God bless.

Mr Lim

After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water
for about half a year, his dry and itchy eczema on the inner thigh has healed and has not relapsed so far.


Mr Lim

Long-term use of medicine has caused some skin problems (dry, itchy, peeling skin and red patches on his hands; itchy scalp, peeling and bleeding wounds). He has tried various soaps and ointments. After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water for about a year, the skin condition has improved a lot. The prostate enlargement has also improved. The frequency of nocturia has been halved, and he can urinate with more ease now.

Ms Cheng

She took Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water to wash her face for about a month, the wrinkle on face were slightly lighter.

Ms Wong

After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water for about a month, the bad cholesterol level decreased slightly.

Ms Michelle

Since she arrived in KL,  her skin and scalp have been experiencing problems due to water quality. Due to this, she always used filtered water to rinse her face and scalp.

After purchasing Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator, she switched to hydrogen water. After drinking for about a month, these conditions have improved.


Mr Chong

The diabetic patient has been taking medicine for more than 10 years. He has started to experience issues with his joints. He could not stand for even a mere 10 minutes previously. After going through hydrogen therapy, he can now stand for 30 minutes. After drinking Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water, the diabetes index dropped from 7/8 to 5/6.


External Dimension

H34cm x W18cm x D38cm


4.7kg (without water content)

Rated Voltage

AC 100V - 240V

Rated Power


Rated Frequency

50 Hz - 60Hz

Hydrogen Gas Generation Capacity

28,000 ppm

External Dimension

3,000L or 1 Year

Tank Size

2 Litres


Hydrogen water is derived from infusing additional hydrogen gas (H2, also known as molecular hydrogen) into water at high pressure. The solubility of molecular hydrogen in water ranges from 0.5 ~ 1.6 mg/L.* The antioxidant power of H2 exceeds the equivalent amount (by volume or weight) of any other antioxidant substance. According to International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA), the recommended daily consumption for healthy individuals is a minimum of 500ml of Hydrogen water with 1-3 mg/litre of dissolved Hydrogen.

The main function of alkaline water is to neutralise acidic body while the H2 in hydrogen water is a powerful antioxidant which has significant effects on anti-inflammation, strengthening immune system, protecting the brain and promoting the formation of collagen. The common alkaline water in the market contains a large amount of cations, claiming that the acid-base neutralization reaction can adjust the body’s acidity.

In 2014, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has affirmed that Hydrogen as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) to be used as an ingredient in drinking water. Scientific research has shown that Hydrogen water is safe for regular consumption, as there is no danger of ‘over-dose’ and is safe even if consumed in large quantities.

Molecular hydrogen can diffuse into organs, tissues, cells, and even mitochondria and nuclei in the skin, mucous membranes and blood-brain barriers. Hydrogen water is the most practical way to get molecular hydrogen into the body.

Molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that can selectively neutralise the most toxic free radicals that contribute to disease development, inflammation, and ageing. Human body produces a large amount of free radicals during oxidative respiration, which can be neutralised by the body’s antioxidant system. However, harmful substances in the environment and improper living habits can aggravate the formation of toxic free radicals in the body, resulting in “oxidative stress” when the body is unable to get rid of the free radicals. Most of the symptoms of illnesses or physical discomfort are related to “oxidative stress.” These include skin problems, cardiovascular diseases, immune disorders, cancer and ageing.

It is fine to use hydrogen water in whatever method – steaming, boiling etc. However, using hydrogen water to make tea, coffee or cooking can be less effective as some of the hydrogen will be lost due to high heat. The best is to drink Hydrogen water directly.

H2 in hydrogen water dissipates easily if stored in plastic containers.  It is better to store hydrogen water in aluminium packaging.


Is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water machine better than Alkaline Water Machine?

Many people have reported benefits from using alkaline water ionizers, but it wasn’t until 2007-2010 that scientists and researchers understood that the therapeutic property in alkaline ionized water was hydrogen gas.


Some alkaline water ionizers do not contain sufficient levels of dissolved hydrogen gas or at least their concentration is below a detection limit of 0.01 ppm.

During the production of alkaline water, some hydrogen gas is produced as H+ ions in the water is consumed in order to raise the pH of the water.  The electrodes of this type of alkaline ionizers tend to build up scale, which prevents the hydrogen gas from dissolving into the water. Without cleaning the systems, the concentration of hydrogen gas can drop to below 0.01 ppm in a matter of days to weeks depending on the source of water.

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a neutral molecule which, when dissolved in water, has no influence on the water’s pH.  In order to produce H2, Alkaline ionizers must consume the H+ ions in the water and as a result it raises the pH of the water, thus making the water more alkaline. 

How is Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Machine different from Packet Hydrogen Water?

High Concentration of Hydrogen

While some packet hydrogen water brands claim to have 2000 - 26000 pbb of dissolved hydrogen, a maximum of only 1600 pbb or 1.6mg/L can be dissolved in water.  Also, you would need to take into consideration of the volume of the water inside the packet in order to get the actual hydrogen content in one packet of hydrogen water.  For example,  a 250ml packet with 1600pbb is only equivalent 400pbb / 250ml.  Unlike flow-through type devices like Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Water Generator, the measured concentration of the water will typically be representative of the number of milligrams of Hydrogen we will ingest if we drink one litre.

Lower Cost & Unlimited Hydrogen for you and your family

There is no limit on hydrogen water you can have unlike packet hydrogen water.  You are guaranteed to have it fresh with visible dissolved hydrogen gas in every glass of hydrogen water you drink.


Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen 

There have been over 1000 research being done on the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen.  You can learn more about the benefits of Hydrogen Water here.


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